Episode 7: Reclaiming My Shade with Dayyvitt & Marcus Part One

PART ONE: Listen to myself, Dayyvitt, and Marcus duke it out on my couch as we get tipsy and debate about everything from reclaiming our time, the "T" in LGBT, YoncΓ©, & more in PART 1 of Episode 7: "Reclaiming My Shade". THE NEW EPISODE IS FINALLY UP ON SOUNDCLOUD, ITUNES, GOOGLE PLAY MUSIC, AND [...]

Episode 4: Jeane Marie’s Guide to the Sugar Baby Life & other random talk with Dayyvitt

On today's episode,Sugar Baby expert diva, Jeane Marie comes by to give us some knowledge about becoming a sugar baby. When the episode takes an unexpected turn, Dayyvitt and I open up and have an intimate impromptu conversation about our thoughts on love. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcaLG0MyWA4 iTunesΒ  Stitcher